This problem demonstrates a WeBWorK problem involving graphics.

The most important thing to remember when a problem contains a graphic is that you can get a better look at it by clicking on the graphic. This will open a new window from your browser containing a enlarged version of the picture.

This will be a matching question. Enter the letter of the graph of the function which corresponds to each statement.

1. The graph of the line is increasing
2. The graph of the line is decreasing
3. The graph of the line is constant
4. The graph of the line is not the graph of a function


This is another problem where you aren't told if some of your answers are right. (With matching questions and true false questions, this is the standard behavior -- otherwise it is too easy to guess your way to the answer without learning anything.)

If you are having a hard time seeing the picture clearly, click on the picture. It will expand to a larger picture on its own page so that you can inspect it more closely.

Occasionally, problems display a link to a web page where you can get additional information or a hint:Hint

Now that you have finished you can use the "Prob. List" button at the top of the page to return to the problem list page. You'll see that the problems you have done have been labeled as correct or incorrect, so you can go back and do problems you skipped or couldn't get right the first time. Once you have done a problem correctly it is ALWAYS listed as correct even if you go back and do it incorrectly later. This means you can use WeBWorK to review course material without any danger of changing your grade.

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