Consider the graph of the function [math]

A. What is the y-intercept of the graph? [math] =

B. How many x-intercepts are there? There are x-intercepts

For the following question, enter all possible values, separated by commas. If there are none, type 'none'.

C. At what values of [math] does the graph have a vertical asymptote? [math] =

D. What is the equation of the slant asymptote with the highest slope? [math] =

For the following 2 questions, enter your answers in the form (-2, 3], (-I,0)U[1,2), etc. using I for [math] or type 'empty' for [math]

E. For what values of [math] is [math] decreasing?

F. For what values of [math] is [math] concave up?