NOTE: When using interval notation in WeBWorK, remember that:
        You use 'INF' for [math] and '-INF' for [math].
        And use 'U' for the union symbol.
Enter DNE if an answer does not exist.


a) Determine the intervals on which [math] is concave up and concave down.
[math] is concave up on:
[math] is concave down on:

b) Based on your answer to part (a), determine the inflection points of [math]. Each point should be entered as an ordered pair (that is, in the form [math]).
(Separate multiple answers by commas.)

c) Find the critical numbers of [math] and use the Second Derivative Test, when possible, to determine the relative extrema. List only the [math]-coordinates.
Relative maxima at: (Separate multiple answers by commas.)
Relative minima at: (Separate multiple answers by commas.)